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Twenty-Eight (Είκοσι Οκτώ)

What determines the course of our lives?

Is a person's fate predetermined? or is it shaped by the thoughts, beliefs, and beliefs that a person has in his mind and heart?


“Twenty-eight” is a narrative novel divided into earth and heaven. A true story by Tasos Bagkeris.

Every human life is the most imaginative and exciting scenario. In our life, everything is united and intertwined. You think, act and feel at the same time. Man has the gift of creating, at the same time, on multiple and different levels.

In Story “Twenty-eight”, Alkis experiences this rule of life. Marketing, strong friendships: relationships and spiritual pursuits take place, where unexpectedly logical and metaphysical events all seemed to coexist. Or do they collide and cancel each other out?

Alkis, as a Marketing Manager at the age of twenty-eight, subversively faces the challenges of the market. He travels, falls in love, taunts himself by doing stunts between the conceivable and the real.

Three "fatal" accidents ... And as he was told ...

28 ... Water ...

After all, what is random in life?

Alkis discovers the unsurpassed power that man acquires when he has faith and will!


Tasos Bageris was born in Anogia Crete, the eagle's nest of Psiloritis mount. He graduated from Stavrakeio Gymnasium - Lyceum of Anogia.

​He studied Business Studies in London and Advanced Marketing in Liverpool. He has worked in many different business departments in Greece and abroad. He has been a Marketing Manager in international companies (Carnation etc.) and has participated in multiple business projects in Europe, America, and the Far East.

​His professional involvement with marketing and business allowed him to travel to many parts of the world and attend many multidisciplinary seminars in different countries and cultures.

​Upon his return to Crete, he promotes the excellent Cretan extra virgin olive oil in innovative packaging and effectively contributes to its branded establishment in the international market.

​He loves Greek nature with the indestructible presence-beauty of the olive trees, admires the Greek culture, and loves to travel… in practice and in… thought.

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